Build your future at jazz beat

At the end of 2013 Trivioquadrivio delivered two workshops about organizational learning dedicated to the BNL Investment Solutions team of BNP Paribas Group. (read all)


2013 has been the last year of the original Trivioquadrivio: the 11th of January 2014 we will become adults and – willy-nilly – we will better arrange our head on our shoulders. (read all)

The art of doing without

After one year of research on the art of doing without, an evening dedicated to this topic, which is becoming central within the organizations, came to life in the beautiful setting of Bagatti Valsecchi Museum of Milan. (read all)

BookCity Milano 2013

More than 130,000 participants, over 650 events, 182 venues across the city.
These are extraordinary numbers of the second edition of BookCity Milano, held in Milan from the 21st to the 24th of November 2013. (read all)

Trivioquadrivio at Open

Open is a 1000 square meters area that has just opened in Viale Monte Nero 6, Milan. Here you can find books, tablet to surf, co-working area, three meeting rooms, a gourmet bar and about 20 meters of shared table to freely write, eat and think. (read all)

Give value to a collection of Art

When included into a development path, a collection of art can be transformed from a decorative element into an opportunity to build relationships, compare and learn. (read all)

From a road map to the action plan

TQ supported one of the leading Swiss financial institutions in designing and delivering a series of MAPPS workshops for the members of the new Process Innovation group. (read all)

Why it’s still worth doing business

For the second year, Trivioquadrivio is supporting Fondirigenti and Federmanager in disseminating and transmitting the values of corporate culture and the value of doing business throughout schools across the country. (read all)

Orientation toward work

SUPSI – University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland has pioneered the use of MAPPS ® within the Master of Science in Business Administration. (read all)

Distant Harmonies: the jazz metaphor for international collaboration

Trivioquadrivio supported the law firm Bonelli Erede Pappalardo in designing and delivering a moment of reflection and team building within an international context. (read all)