The Art For Business Association was founded thanks to Valeria Cantoni’s efforts. Today AFB is TQ’s research centre on the issue of management training through the arts. The association has quickly become a landmark in Italy for developing and experimenting Art Based Learning methodologies: training activities that use dialogue and exchange with artistic practice to address specific organizational issues.
Since 2007 TQ has sponsored Art For Business Forum, an annual space for discussion of issues common to the world of art and enterprise, as well as an opportunity for experimentation with new formats in management training.

CFMT – Centre for Service Sector Management Training – was founded in 1994, an initiative of Confcommercio and Manageritalia, with the goal of building a training school for managers and companies in the sector. Consistently with the mission of a highly specialized business school, focusing on the specific needs of the sector, the Centre has been able to develop over time an integrated system of lifelong learning, acting as a broker of knowledge, competencies and management skills.
In 2011, CFMT promoted Beautiful Rightful Effective, a tour through Italy’s service sector, a series of workshops tailored for CFMT members to discover the relationship between the language of the arts and entrepreneurial culture, to urge for the discovery of innovative solutions to organizational problems and to build new leadership models.

Since 2002 TQ has been supporting the European Design Foundation in planning and organizing Ekphrasis, a series of summer meetings in Meina fostered by Valerio Adami, President of the Foundation and its inspiring force.
The thoughts and insights that each year writers, philosophers, artists, musicians and historians share on the shores of Lake Maggiore are interesting food for thought for TQ and its business. The defiance of common sense, the hazard of intuitive thought, the multiplicity of viewpoints, the diverse views on problems and scenarios go well with the philosophy that guides the professional life of the people working for TQ every day.

Since 2010 TQ has been one of the supporters of the activities of the ICT & Management Observatories of the School of Management at the Milan Politecnico, who aim at offering an accurate and continuously updated picture of the impact that information and communication technologies (ICT) have in Italy on businesses, public administrations, sectors, markets, etc. In particular, TQ supports the 2011 Research of the HR Innovation Practice Research Centre.