We are a group of designers, trainers and consultants guided by the conviction that innovation is generated at the limits of traditional disciplines, somewhere between the Trivium (soft skills) and Quadrivium (hard sciences). Our name evokes our mission: we seek the effective union of creativity and organization, diagnosis and intervention.
Since 1996, we have been working to promote learning in business organizations through the ideation and realization of projects in different areas:

TQ implements programs designed to provide an understanding of the characteristics of an organization and its human resources, which is an indispensable prerequisite for developing skills, effective behaviors and performance in line with company strategies.

- ONA – Organizational Network Analysis
- Organization 2.0 – HR Innovation
- Assessment & Talent Scouting
- Responsibility Assignment Matrix – RACI

TQ offers companies different methodologies of managerial training, developed in large part through the research and intuitions of people who work in TQ.
- Lego Serious Play™
- Art Based Learning

TQ works with the objective of recognizing and developing the potentials of the various cultures that animate a business. It creates projects that make the value that companies can create through direct and active participation in the development of the local area and the local community both visible and fruitful.
- Corporate Social Responsibility
- Publishing
- Highlighting the collection
- Educational Courses

TQ has been developing cultural projects since 1997. Combining different areas of expertise is at the core of its process for creating value and behind its concept of continuously evolving open learning. Over the years, TQ has used this approach to create projects promoting our artistic heritage and to devise courses for people of all ages.
- Seminars
- School Programs
- Cultural Heritage Promotion
- University Courses

TQ helps businesses construct and communicate their image, seeking to transmit the knowledge that the organizations wish to share with their principal stakeholders in a way that is not only clear and explicative, but also appealing and engaging.
- Corporate Image
- Graphic Projects and Publications
- Information design