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We are the space: the importance of the context

A special evening, an event in which two different artistic languages​​, those of author Maurizio Maggiani and artist Massimo Bartolini, will meet around one question: how can we behave so that even the places where we spend time every day turn from mere backdrop to being an opportunity for exchange, to serve its purpose all the time? (read all)

The other tells us: identity and relationship

Our story is always a tale told by others. Artist Stefano Arienti, who explores poetically personal memory and identity as the result of a relationship in continuous transformation, firmly believes that. (read all)

Crossing the threshold, living the change

The Tuesday event at Deutsche Bank is back with the I Like Tuesdays project.
After the success of last year’s edition, which starred some of the artists of the Bank’s Italian collection, including Patrick Tuttofuoco, Adrian Paci and Nico Vascellari, as well as Vanessa Beecroft, Deutsche Bank has inaugurated a new round of meetings devoted to the issues of contemporaneity. (read all)