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2013 has been the last year of the original Trivioquadrivio: the 11th of January 2014 we will become adults and – willy-nilly – we will better arrange our head on our shoulders. (read all)

The art of doing without

After one year of research on the art of doing without, an evening dedicated to this topic, which is becoming central within the organizations, came to life in the beautiful setting of Bagatti Valsecchi Museum of Milan. (read all)

Jewish and the City | International Festival of Jewish culture

Jewish and the City is the name of the first International Festival of Jewish culture commissioned by the Jewish Community of Milan, in cooperation with the City of Milan and designed by Trivioquadrivio. (read all)

Metri d’Arte lands in China

Creative Education, product innovation, brand positioning, corporate communication and business development. These are the aspects that characterize the value chain of the Metri d’Arte project, curated by Trivioquadrivio for Miroglio Textile. (read all)

Everything is so complex: is it right to manage complexity?

The protagonist of the third round of the Pensieri Stupendi programme, curated by Trivioquadrivio for CFMT, will be complexity, understood as a dimension which we deal with every day when we have to make a decision.

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A lifetime of consumption: is our social identity still created by consumer goods?

The second round of the Marvellous Thoughts series – curated by TQ for CFMT, the Tertiary Management Training Centre – will take place in the wonderful Rossana Orlandi space in Milan, a former tie factory which has been transformed into a place of creativity and incomparable style. (read all)

The effectiveness of words: what’s beyond what we write and say?

After it began its journey last year, Pensieri Stupendi – Marvellous Thoughts – is coming back in 2013. (read all)


TQ is back from the highly successful BOOKCITY MILANO 2012, where it was responsible for coordinating production, dealing with the organizing secretariat, conveying the coordinated image and managing and training 300 volunteers, as well as arranging and running the dramatised readings (read all)

The art of getting changed

The “I like Tuesdays” cycle – the project dedicated to issues of contemporaneity curated by Trivioquadrivio for Deutsche Bank – closes on November 27.  (read all)

Art For Business Forum 2012 | Exchange to Innovate

Trivioquadrivio collaborates with Art For Business in concerting the fifth edition of Art For Business Forum on 16 and 17 November at the Milan Triennale. (read all)