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Metri d’Arte lands in China

Creative Education, product innovation, brand positioning, corporate communication and business development. These are the aspects that characterize the value chain of the Metri d’Arte project, curated by Trivioquadrivio for Miroglio Textile. (read all)

The archaeological-educational museum Roots of the Present

The archaeological-educational exhibition set up in the Palazzo of Assicurazioni Generali in Piazza Venezia in Rome arises from the wish to gather and suitably highlight all the archaeological finds owned by the Generali Group. (read all)


TQ was involved by Miroglio Textile in designing and envisioning E.Volution – the new textile production platform that the company is offering its customers – in conjunction with the presentations of its Spring/Summer 2014 collections at Première Vision Paris, the largest textile fair in the world. (read all)

Postcards from Milan on news-stands

Five months of cycling through the streets of Milan to interview residents about the places they most love in their city produced hundreds of reports, stories and anecdotes which have become the starting point of five beautiful photographic reports narrated by Luca Campigotto, Stefano De Luigi, Alex Majoli, Franco Pagetti and Alessandro Scotti. (read all)

The art of getting changed

The “I like Tuesdays” cycle – the project dedicated to issues of contemporaneity curated by Trivioquadrivio for Deutsche Bank – closes on November 27.  (read all)

Three approaches, three new web pages

TQ explores areas that are unfamiliar to the business world, territories which often prove very fertile for research and development and the application of approaches to management training which are innovative as well as effective. (read all)

Open Day: Everyday life

Art and everyday life: what stories can the works of an art collection tell about our everyday lives? (read all)

Postcards from Milan

Which is the place you love most in Milan?
Trivioquadrivio supports Postcards from Milan, a project of the Milan City Council curated by Art For Business and Camilla Invernizzi Photography Projects.  (read all)

We are the space: the importance of the context

A special evening, an event in which two different artistic languages​​, those of author Maurizio Maggiani and artist Massimo Bartolini, will meet around one question: how can we behave so that even the places where we spend time every day turn from mere backdrop to being an opportunity for exchange, to serve its purpose all the time? (read all)

Soon online “Trading Fours: jazz and the learning organization”

Today is International Jazz Day, proclaimed by UNESCO to raise awareness of the educational significance of jazz and its ability to support dialogue and cooperation between cultures.
TQ supports this event as it is based on the same assumptions that underlie the Jazz For Business training approach. (read all)