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Build your future at jazz beat

At the end of 2013 Trivioquadrivio delivered two workshops about organizational learning dedicated to the BNL Investment Solutions team of BNP Paribas Group. (read all)

Give value to a collection of Art

When included into a development path, a collection of art can be transformed from a decorative element into an opportunity to build relationships, compare and learn. (read all)

Building communication

TQ has designed and facilitated a session aimed at reflection and exchange for a group of top performers of Chiesi, an Italian multinational in the pharmaceutical sector.

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Metri d’Arte lands in China

Creative Education, product innovation, brand positioning, corporate communication and business development. These are the aspects that characterize the value chain of the Metri d’Arte project, curated by Trivioquadrivio for Miroglio Textile. (read all)

Acting on internal communication through the arts

Aided by two artists, a leading multinational organization in the field of professional services launched, with TQ’s support, a process of internal communication which subsequently led to the implementation of five focus groups. (read all)

Managing people in a complex environment

In 2012 TQ collaborated with Enel University – the structure of the Enel group devoted to training – in designing a new training course aimed at newly appointed “supervisors”, that is, to a professional who, regardless of level, is a people manager. (read all)

Change as an opportunity for organizational learning

Every change management process often comes with feelings of uncertainty, communication difficulties and confusing roles, yet it can turn into a formidable opportunity for organizational learning. (read all)

The skills of tomorrow

Between May and October 2012 TQ conducted two workshops for facilitation and exchange on the theme Doing more with less: the distinctive skills that make and will make a difference in the labour market. (read all)

Time and task management

In October 2012 TQ has designed and facilitated a training day on the subject of time and task management dedicated to Arts’ Council (read all)

Adaptability to survive in a competitive environment

Companies compete in a market characterized by radical and erratic changes at a time when strategic objectives are continuously redefined, which calls for an increasingly fast transition from knowledge creation to the ability to put it into practice. (read all)